$10.00 CAD

Winter 2018; 96 pages perfect-bound w/ bleeds
Cover artwork by Léo Quievreux
Design by Origin Obscure

The winter 2018 issue of CAROUSEL will be available in stores in the last week of November.

Shannon Anderson looks at the work of Toronto sculptor Jaime Angelopoulos, an artist who uses modest materials to create monumental forms full of knots and tangles, that reference the human body in the barest of ways yet always feel wonderfully alive
• we happily adapt a charming little sequential vispo work by Canadian creator Hart Broudy originally published by Gronk waaaay back in 1971: seen again from a slightly different cultural lens, When I Was Young One Summer: A Concrete Picturepome certainly speaks to today’s experimental comics movement — a lost micropress classic, historically revisited
• we look at Canadian illustrator Dani Crosby’s latest series of large-scale ‘life portraits’, created for the Durham Region Portrait Project; each complex figure is based on personal stories told to her anonymously by members of her local community
• we present a large, wonderfully bizarre portfolio of b&w drawings by French artist Léo Quievreux; borrowing heavily from the cut up, Quievreux composes his pages in a quasi-musical way, creating works of montage that puzzle together in clever, complex images and sequences
• Toronto creators Robert Dayton and Andrea Werhun conversationally tag-team one another in a long double-interview, playfully probing at the contents of their latest books, and how these themes intersect with their personal lives and life philosophies

4PANEL Supplement No. 15 /
…This issue's supplement features the following creators: Jessica Bartram • Jason Bradshaw • Pip Craighead • Marc Di Saverio • W.A. Davison • Christopher Green • JG • Steven M. Johnson • Margo LaPierre • Erik Nebel • Ben O’Neil • Luke Ramsey • David Romanda • Brian Roppel • Samplerman • Fiona Smyth

+ Poetry, Fiction, Reviews & Artwork by:
Philippe Blanchard • Daniel Boland • Marisa Coulton • Mikayla Fawcett • Melanie Janisse-Barlow • J.I. Kleinberg • Margo LaPierre • Carolyn Nakagawa • Shane Neilson • Coran Saran