$10.00 CAD

Fall 2015; 80 pages perfect-bound w/ bleeds
Cover artwork by Klaus Pichler
Design by Origin Obscure

Jim Johnstone examines the act of collaboration in contemporary Canadian poetry — focusing on work by bpNichol, Wayne Clifford, Stephen Collis, Jordan Scott, Sachiko Murakami, Darren Wershler-Henry,
Bill Kennedy
and more
Jason Paradiso looks at the ‘self-authoring’ that occurs in cosplay culture, as explored through the lens of Viennese photographer Klaus Pichler
Emily Fitzpatrick profiles Toronto-based new generation artist Hazel Meyer, a creator committed to both a socially engaged and material-based practice

4PANEL Supplement No. 9 /
Rosaire Appel • Mark Connery • W.A. Davison • Jessica Fortner • Jesse Jacobs • Dunja Jankovic • Mark Laliberte • Aaron Linton • Billy Mavreas • Andrei Molotiu • Marc Ngui • Luke Ramsey • Ethan Rilly • Fiona Smyth • Tin Can Forest • Kerry Zentner

+ Poetry, Fiction & Artwork by:
Eduardo C. Corral • Lisa De Luca • Leah Jane Esau • Cara Evans • Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao • Louisa Howerow • Drazen Kozjan • Robin Richardson • Sam Shelstad • Michael Toke • Daniel Scott Tysdal • Vaka Valo