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An 8 page '4PANEL Supplement' has been appearing in the pages of each new issue of CAROUSEL for the last few years … now there's a dedicated 80 page book of all-new material, highly recommended

In the pages of 4PANEL 1, four talented artists (Mark Connery, Jesse Jacobs, Mark Laliberte, Anuj Shrestha) explore the 4PANEL strip form in unique and beautiful ways, each presenting a collection of new strips in a self-contained section of the book. Each strip produced for The 4PANEL Project has its own small concern, but their cumulative effect help to reveal the magic that happens when this unique form — it’s in fact a constraint-based movement that’s been growing over the past few years, one that strives to reinvigorate the traditional four-panel format — is focused through the creative lenses of individual artists.

80pg full-colour offset publication / 9.5″H x 7.5″W / perfect-binding / foil enhancement on cover / Afterword by Sean Rogers

ISSN: 23711272 (print) / 23711280 (electronic)


“4PANEL tinkers with the basic building blocks of comics to create a new organism that is alternately mysterious, expressive, amusing and poignant.”
— R. SIKORYAK, author of Masterpiece Comics and iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel

“Forgo your preconceptions about the limitations of tiled art with text: a formal system is used here to great exponential effect. The fortunate readers of this finely designed collection will take great delight in realizing that the four distinct areas of our brains will connect even the most disconnected things. Four artists with four unique visions, 4PANEL! This blurb is four sentences long, including this one.”
— MARC BELL, author of Stroppy and Pure Pajamas