CAROUSEL 31 (18 copies remaining)

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Fall 2013; 80 pages perfect-bound w/ bleeds
Cover artwork by Souther Salazar
Design by Origin Obscure

Retchin Pump profiles California-based mixed-media artist / zine maker Souther Salazar and additionally discusses The Trading Tortoise, his traveling art project which focuses on connecting communities through the exploration of objects and stories
• We shine a critical spotlight on the Guernica First Poets Series, which was established in 2007 for the purpose of fostering and showcasing fresh, dynamic work from emerging authors — we interview Series Editor Elana Wolff, who discusses the evolution of the imprint and the importance of nurturing emerging voices. Additionally, the three most recent First Poet Series authors, Sonia Di Placido, David Reibetanz and Liz Worth, were invited to present works in the journal, specifically relating them to their First Poets collections or discussing the process of moving forward into new territory
Jason Paradiso looks at the work of Andreas Scheiger, who creates letterform sculptures that offer a kind of fictionalized anthropological investigation into the ‘Evolution of Type’

4PANEL Supplement No. 5 /
Rosaire Appel • Derik A Badman • Michael DeForge • Larry Eisenstein • Jesse Jacobs • Jim Johnstone • Mark Laliberte • Aaron Linton • Billy Mavreas • Andrei Molotiu • MTML • Marc Ngui • Sarah Scope • Tin Can Forest

+ Poetry, Fiction & Artwork by:
Bora Baskan • Kathleen Brown • Colin Brush • Louise Carson • Ryan J. Cox • Dani Crosby • Happy Sleepy • Drazen Kozjan • Lance Nizami • Daniel Rouse • Luke Siemens • Studio Bertjan Pot • Jane Spavold Tims • Terry Trowbridge • Catriona Wright