$10.00 CAD

Fall 2012; 80 pages perfect-bound w/ bleeds
Cover artwork by Fionn McCabe
Design by Origin Obscure

Robert Dayton profiles and interviews Canadian writer/cartoonist David Boswell, creator of the iconic underground comics character Reid Fleming: World’s Toughest Milkman on the eve of his 2011 induction into The Giants of the North: the Canadian Cartooning Hall of Fame
Rachel Anne Farquharson profiles NYC-based artist Jeremiah Maddock
Claire Horsnell profiles the other “Carousel”, a traveling series of slide show readings by an ever-changing cast of cartoonists and performers — organized and hosted by experimental cartoonist R. Sikoryak, the presentations are somewhat reminiscent of a radio show (usually with live narration, often with music and sound effects) combined with wildly creative imagery; from stick figures, to lush illustrations, to the occasional photograph, Sikoryak’s “Carousel” embraces all forms of visual storytelling
Jason Paradiso looks at the growing street-level ‘window gallery’ phenomenon, exploring how the vacant windows of closed-down businesses in downtown cores are being transformed into unquestionably accessible, 24-hour walk-by galleries
Squidface & The Meddler offer four visual glimpses of some of their favourite upcoming Can-Con talents: Peter Diamond, a Canadian illustrator based in Vienna, Austria; Sean Lewis, an illustrator/artist currently living in Toronto, and Vancouver-based illustrator Andrea Wan

• the 4PANEL team of Derik A Badman, Michael DeForge, Larry Eisenstein, Jesse Jacobs, Mark Laliberte, Andrei Molotiu, Marc Ngui, Ethan Rilly, TinCanForest and Magda Trzaski continue to explore and experiment with panels and sequences

+ Poetry, Fiction & Artwork by:
John Wall Barger • Claire Caldwell • Robert Dayton • Emily Gordon • gillian harding-russell • Louisa Howerow • Christopher Hutsul • Katie Jordon • Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline • Drazen Kozjan • Mark Laliberte • Eunice Luk • Fionn McCabe • Jason Paradiso • Karsten Petrat • R L Raymond • Talia Zajac